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Academic Training

I regularly strive to improve my teaching and learning through professional development opportunities and coursework.  Read about them on this page.

Professional Development

Notre Dame Inclusive Teaching Academy:  The week-long Notre Dame Inclusive Teaching Academy allowed me to revamp one of my courses to be more inclusive.  I learned about what the research says about fostering inclusivity in the classroom, and I left with actionable steps to make my classroom more inviting for all students. 

Kaneb Center Course Design Academy: The Kaneb Center Course Design Academy exists to help professors design or redesign a course using best teaching practices, backed by research.  The year-long academy provided me with valuable takeaways that I could begin implementing right away.

Teaching and Communications Certificate: I completed 100 hours of professional development designed to enhance the skills necessary to be an effective teacher and communicator in academia.


Preparing the Professoriate: I participated in practical high-level teaching experience and professional development with mentorship from distinguished faculty.  During this yearlong experience, I redesigned parts of a 400-level course under the guidance of my teaching mentor, Dr. Ilse Ipsen.

Project SAFE Ally Training: This training helped prepare me to be able to address the needs of LGBTQ+ students in and out of my classroom. 

Accessibility in the Classroom: In this 6-week training, I was able to learn about actionable steps I could take to make my course content accessible for all students.  I was able to immediately implement many of the best practices.

Inclusive Teaching Certificate: The Inclusive Teaching Certificate emphasized inclusive pedagogy, awareness of perspectives, and community belonging.  As a reflective practitioner creating an inclusive course climate, I promote accessibility for the benefit of all students.

Standard Professional 2 NC Teaching License, 9-12 Math: In order to stay current on teaching and learning trends in secondary mathematics, I maintain my 9-12 mathematics teaching licensure in the state of North Carolina through additional professional development, training, and coursework. 

Graduate Coursework

Graduate Mathematics Coursework:

  • Abstract Algebra I & II

  • Combinatorics I & II

  • Combinatorics of Coxeter Groups

  • Complex Analysis

  • Cryptography

  • Leibniz Algebras

  • Lie Algebra

  • Linear Algebra

  • Matrix Theory I & II

  • Numerical Analysis I

Qualifying Exams Passed:

  • Abstract Algebra

  • Combinatorics

  • Linear and Lie Algebra

Graduate Mathematics Education Coursework:

  • Curriculum Development and Evaluation

  • Foundations in Mathematics Education

  • Teaching and Learning of Algebraic Thinking

  • Teaching and Learning of Statistical Thinking

  • Teaching in the Mathematics Department

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