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Teaching is an opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise I have gained as an educator and a mathematician.  Read more about my teaching philosophy and pedagogy on this page, and see a sample video of my teaching at the bottom of this page.

I am honored to be awarded the

Teaching Statement: I believe greatly in the power of the language of mathematics, and I assert that all students can have a positive learning experience in a mathematics classroom.  Read about how I strive to create this experience in my classes here.


Class Axioms: Students are individuals who come from diverse backgrounds and have different skill sets.  At the beginning of each semester, my classes and I adopt an axiomatic system centered around learning for all students, and we agree on classroom expectations that help cultivate a classroom culture consistent with those axioms.  Read them here.

Course Evaluations: You will see quantitative results for some semesters and student comments for all semesters in which I have been the instructor of record or recitation leader at NC State.

Sample Syllabus: This is the course syllabus for the Spring 2021 semester of MA 405: Introduction to Linear Algebra.

Sample Lecture Notes: These are instructor notes from a lesson on vector space isomorphisms in the Spring 2021 MA 405 course.

Sample Test: This is a test from my Distance Education Fall 2021 MA 405 course.

Courses Taught: This lists all courses that I have taught over the course of my career.

Sample Teaching Video

A sample of an Introductory Linear Algebra lecture on Linear Combinations and Spanning Sets

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